Red Shirt Games had a great year in 2006... check out the photos of our convention adventures.

Origins 2006

Origins 2006 came and went in the flash of an eye. Had a great time, met some great people, had some laughs. Our booth did well, although we could always use more and more and more sales... but we got RAFM to sell this year and that went well. RAFM makes awesome fantasy, Cthulhu and WW2 and modern pewter miniatures. We also carried War Torn resin terrain and Silent Death ships and books.

You want to sell your fantasy product at the cons, but don't want to get an expensive booth? Contact us. We can carry your product for you!

The Perfect Storm

Driving down, we hit some sort of Perfect Storm scenario. Ask Michel, Chris or Gary how many lives we used up passing that semi outside the curve in a downpour so heavy you couldn't see out the front. I swear he didn't mean to try to kill us, but there you have it. Attempted vehicular manslaughter x 4. You see the drum-shaped cloud mass forming, and the highway that curves away, then straight into the Hell-Maelstrom. Yay highway driving.

Columbus Greater Convention Center from the Hyatt Hotel. It takes about 20 minutes to walk the distance to the games hall, more if you're, er, diet-induced mobility impaired.
The games hall before people arrive (above) and after games begin (below).
Exhibit Hall.
This guy was known to be a shouter, a prima donna and a hell of a general. So was Patton.
Our booth, with the indefatigable Michel doing his thing.
How can you miss our booth? We rock.
Exhibit hall.
See what comes of tomfoolery? One minute you're Larping, next you've Larp-run your friend through with a rubber sword while jesters watch laughing.
Below - a rogue's gallery of some of our products. You can buy everything depicted below in our Store (unpainted and unassembled!)
Death Ball Meck. Big enough to take on a whole squad of Gladiators.
Ratz - The Klaw.
Ratz Mutie.
Ratz Soldier.
Ratz Agitator
Orx Chaingunner

General Glen's Combat Rules For Toy Soldiers

The Hurtgen Forest scenario. A dark chapter in the history of WW2, mostly forgotten because the Battle of the Bulge occurred a few weeks later. This scenario didn't look like much (we peomise more and higher terrain for 2007!, but it was one of the most fun we've had. Huge body count in that bunker!

More Hurtgen Forest stuff.

Did I mention the body count was as high as 95% in some matches? If you learn only one thing playing this scenario, it's that you should not throw a grenade while inside a bunker if the target zone is close enough to scatter the grenade back onto you. Seen it. Counted the bodies.


Red Shirt Games Keep What You Kill

This fan-favorite scenario pits even-steven groups of Injurius Games Gladiators against another, with the ultimate prizes up for grabs: the corpses of the fallen. That's right: every time you knock out an enemy, you get a token to cash in at the booth for a miniature of the same type - free!

DDM Monster Mash

Bring no miniatures to this 24 player event. You control one monster (see Gen Con photos for some of the critters) in a fight to be the last one alive.


Silent Death

the Astrosmash in triple scale and Jimbo Death's scenarios. The Astrosmash is a con favorite and attracts all kinds of creatures. Some prettier than others. That's Tye and Jimbo below.

2 girls who come back every year. Drop me a line, and I'll post your names! One of the girls seems to be called Rebecca and is from New Jersey.
GMs at Origins...
Don Ash.
Glen Simpson.
Chris Skuce.
Gary Godding.
Ben Ash.
Scott MacNeil.

Injurius Games Tournament Results

Looks like Ben Ash finally won something. With Orx, too! Say, there's Art and Fred on the right!

Ambery Rogers mocks Ben, who thinks he is now King of the World. Glen is amused. The trophy. C'est-tu pas beautiful, ca?
Amberly Rogers. She'll be GMing for us in 2007! Good luck if you're in one of her games. We really only decided to let her run games because her dad (at right) threatened to kill us. Alan Rogers. Looks mild, but he can rip a phone book in half. Specially if you look at his daughter. In fact, stop looking at the photo on the left. Stop!
Yup, Amberly is The Kid.
So, whose dice and Mecks could those possible be? Hmm... Amberly, maybe?


Arrgh, Matie! Avast and shiver me timbers! Load the grape shot and take no prisoners!

Top left, is an amazing couple impersonating Tortuga Pirate Wench and Cpt. Jack Sparrow, respectively. Above, Pirates drop off a raiding party. Left, Gary poses with his sloop. Below, Glen is full of sh... er, full of rum.



Above, Glen and pirate friend. Above right and right, some more pirate ships. Below, the guy who runs it all.
Above: two really tough looking guys who want to be pirates.
Glen stands close to The Lady.
Gary is full of Sh... er, rum. No one believes his lies, and he is later on taken out back and beaten.

Babes of Origins

Left, an Origins rep selling something. I kind of liked the pierced bottom lip.

Below left, an under-aged kitten.

Below, It's Alyssa Moore. More Moore below!

Above left, Alyssa Moore. See Gen Con for more (I mean a lot more) of Alyssa. Above right, another kitten.
OPGs (Other People's Games)
Some kind of Boxer Rebellion thing. Great cityscape.
Below - some sort of Pulp adventure in the jungle. A river boat, a village, and a Zeppelin. Can hordes of cannibals, amazons and nazis be far behind? Who hasn't sometimes wanted to just say - Screw it - and puch the button. Someone in this game did. Dying horribly never looked so beautiful.

The Battle of Pelennor Fields

Peruse these pics of an amazing battle recreated from the Return of the King.

Mumakti, Grond, and the Riders of Rohan.

The Empire Strikes Back...

Someone had more money than good sense, and recreated the battle as it was shown in the movie - but I think they added more units to play with. In a battle lasting all day, the Empire attacked, and the plucky Rebels died. although I heard that in some playings, Vader had a little trouble and all the Rebels escaped.

One thing we could have done without... the endless Star Wars music.


Gen Con 2006

The biggest con of the summer.

Without further ado, I give you... Gen Con.

Dave and Glen
Injurius Games Reaction Marines in play.
Meck Death Ball. We sell these in the Store.
We hoist the flag wherever we go. Eat your heart out, Iwo Jima!
Cool gun tower built by... argh, forgot your name. You are the guy who builds all that cool terrain with Hirst Arts Molds... email us and we'll give you credit for this cool tower.
Far too cute. Apparently, this girl is well known, but I was just happy that she "impressed" me with her assets.
Red Shirt Games Keep What You Kill... squad of Reaction Marines
Red Shirt Games Keep What You Kill... squad of Reaction Marines
Red Shirt Games Keep What You Kill... Plazgunner, Team Brazil
Red Shirt Games Monster Mash... Balor
Red Shirt Games Monster Mash... Large Red Dragon
Red Shirt Games Monster Mash... Lich Necromancer
James, the guardian of the miniatures hall... that's the last thing I remember.
See? He IS over 6 feet tall.
I volunteer to draw on the body art next year.
Now you know where all those old card games go to die. It's official... my Star Trek: TCG cards are less than worthless.
Help! It's 120 degrees inside this thing!
Arr. And a girl from Hooters. Next time you're at Hooters, I dare you to ask them to serve you milk!
I Am Solitude.
Last year, this girl wore a costume made out of Danger Tape. This year, it's made out of gaming flyers.
Looking across the innner courtyard at the Hyatt.
Richard, Michel and a girl in her favorite anime costume.
Hyatt... Straight down!
Vamp in the exhibit hall.
Inside of the Hyatt from our floor.
Alyssa Moore. She is a model/MUA (Make-up Artist) who lends her likeness to fantasy and card game art.


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