From: Team Metal Storm, Squad Leader Vintersorg

TACTIP: Remember that a 12 always hits! If you've got a Jumper with an impossible shot and it's going to require a 12+ to hit, fire all of your weapons! The penalties for firing multiple weapons can't hurt you but it gives you more dice rolls to get that magic "12". This also holds true if the zone is occupied by more than one opponent. Use Zone Fire with all of your weapons that are able. Give yourself more die rolls because the penalties won't cause it to be any more difficult to hit.


From: Team Metal Storm, Sniper Tarot

TACTIP: Why take the stairs when you can jump?! When you have managed to get up on top of a terrain object, remember that your Powered Battle Armor (PBA) will protect you from the shock of a hard landing. JUMP DOWN! It saves time and trouble.


From: Team Metal Storm, Sniper Tarot

TACTIP: Never leave an upgraded toaster alone after a mobility kill. If you continue firing and score an offline arm weapon that has been upgraded, there is a chance that the weapon will be gone for good when checking for Critical Hits. Remember that causing your opponent to LOSE upgrades is almost as good as GAINING them for yourself.


From: Team Slosh Beer, Squad Leader Tonerre

TACTIP: Ey! Halways try to put your CoMMand Points onto hatTacks dat get to roll more den one hatTack dice, eh? Dat way, you emProve your chanCes to get a BatTle Onor!

(TRANSLATION: Always try to put your command points into attacks that get to roll more than one die per combat action, like miniguns, twin lasers and rocket pods. That way, you get more chances to gain a battle honor from rolling exactly what you need to hit.)

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