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Welcome to our General Glen's Second Edition Scenarios page.

Silence The gun

Scenario for the Summer Cons, 2004. Introductory scenario with simple goals. PDF4 file, approx 1 mb.

Germans versus Brits. Dawn of June 6, 1944. The village of Beny-Sur-mer is about to wake up to the sound of gunfire...


The Chemical Factory

Scenario dating back to 2001. PDF4 file, approx 1/2 mb.

Desperate Germans looking for a cache of rocket fuel at a chemical plant in Russian hands.


More to come...

We will convert some of our older scenarios to 2nd Edition and make them presentable for use by players.

We'll be posting last year's Stalingrad scenario, as well as previous years' fodder, such as Chemical Plant Blues and Snatch the Rocket Scientist.



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