The Emperor Needs Ratings!

His popular support has begun to slip, ladies and gentlemen, and guess what? He wants to buy you back with more and even more horrifying spectacles in that Arena of his! As if the masses would fall for such an easy trick. As if we, the people, were fools enough to swallow this pablum of the people!

Marcus Pompus, on what was to be his last threedee address to the people of New Sicily.

A New Squad for League Play

After 5 years of arena battles, the ratings have gotten flat. The masses are getting restless, and the only thing Emperor Injurius will accept is a massive ratings sweep to bring the people back into the fold. A bright young ad executive at Mars Metals thinks of it first... Why not put Mecks in the Arena?

After the Meck War, which ended shortly before the League was formed, humanity swore they would never lose control of their machines again. These arena Mecks would be tightly controlled, highly programmed, and well sponsored by the huge corporations that Emperor Injurius had created to run the League.

After just one match, which put two squads of Mecks against each other, Emperor Injurius knew he had found a winner. The ratings were the highest ever recorded. Humanity had found its newest fad - Meck Wars!


Team Alpha's Story - Mecks

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No Hit Points...

Soulless and efficient, Mecks do not feel pain. They have no hit points and no ablative armor.

Their systems are solid metal, plastic, and ceramics, and can be individually damaged and destroyed. Instead of running out of hit points and falling over dead, Mecks can be blown apart one piece at a time.

Sometimes a Meck has to be taken down the hard way, one limb after another. Other times, a Meck can be taken out by a single shot to the CPU.

Whenever damage to the Meck exceeds its Damage Threshold, it takes a Crit. It might develop a limp, or lose an arm, or get its head blown off! The bigger the Meck, the higher its Damage Threshold.

Guns, Guns, Guns!

Mecks can carry a lot more ordnance than Humans into the battle, and their modular nature makes swapping weapons between matches easy.

Depending on their type, Mecks can mount two or three weapons onto their hard points, and may fire one or all as a single firing action. Some Mecks, like the Runners, have internal weapons as well.

Mecks can gain Software Upgrades which will help with a certain kind of weapon, like a Ballistic Weapon. Canny squad owners will swap the weapons around to take advantage of software development.

Mecks In The Arena

Mecks play in teams of 5, just like the Humans. They are led by the Jumper, a huge Meck with 3 weapon mounts. Their second string is composed of two Spartans, Mecks that carry two weapons. Their lineup is rounded out by two Runners, little Mecks with two weapon mounts plus the deadly Static Charge melee weapon.

The Mecks are very different from the Humans that preceded them, but they are play balanced to compete in the arena. Their play style is, however, quite different... this makes the game more interesting.

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