It's not a difficult concept. Light goes in the bottom on one side, is reflected up and back into your eye, and presto! You have a miniature's eye view of the battlefield.

Until you take a look through one of these things, you will think you don't need one. Do you have any idea what the difference is between your titanic point of view and the puny miniature's?

Well, the difference is huge. Shots you thought were clear are impossible. Shots you thought you could not make are clear. Cover and terrain, even the slightest hill, makes a difference, and you know what? It's quick and easy.

Solve arguments with just a shrug and a hand-over of the periscope - when gamers actually get down into the dirt (well, their eyeball, anyway), they get a whole new perspective on their favorite game.


Usable with any miniatures, any scale, any era.

Price: $20.00 plus shipping.

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