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The Emperor's Madness

"… The Emperor's ever-increasing desperation has turned to paranoia, and this old Human now sees treason in every face. Once his favorites, he now fears the powerful Legions of New Rome. Emperor Injurius imagines that even his remaining years may be taken from him. He believes that the power-suited Legions will turn upon the throne if allowed to remain on New Rome."

"This is becoming a most interesting story..."

"Judge for yourself: to maintain peace in this new Legion-free zone, Injurius has installed a new security force - the Reaction Marines. These new troops contrast with the ousted Legionnaires in almost every respect: They are heavy on indoctrination and low on combat training and civilian relations. Their weapons are not modern, even compared to ours, and their armor is purposely light. They rely on vehicles for transport and are tightly controlled by their sub-commanders. These would seem to be ideal troops for keeping populations under control while limiting their independence and military power."

A New Squad for Tournament Play

The Reaction Marines are a new troop type for use in Red Shirt Games' Injurius Games line. They form 8-member squads and join Humans, Mecks, Spiders, Orx and Ratz in the arena. Like the Ratz, the Reaction Marines are individually weaker than the members of other squads, but they make up for their weakness with impressive top-down teamwork, and a larger squad.

The "Real" World

The Reaction Marines book (48 pages, soft-cover) is the first Red Shirt Games product to feature extensive sections dedicated to playing outside of the arena.

The NRAAV, Deathball and Mini Tank vehicles are for use in the "Real World", complete with unit record sheets and miniatures that can be purchased in ourStore.
The many scenarios allow players to relive some of the events that shaped the fictional Injurius Games universe, including Orx first contact, Rescuing the Orx Prince, and even the battle that catapulted Injurius the 1st into the throne.
Lots of Miniatures
Likewise, this book is the first to introduce more than one pack of miniatures in Red Shirt Games' line. As of this printing, the Reaction Marines (8, pewter), NRAAV Crew (3, pewter), NRAAV (1, plastic), Deathball (1, resin model) and Mini Tank (1, resin model) are for sale on our Store site. While this represents a significant increase in the cost of "keeping up" with all of our releases, we feel it's warranted - it all still costs less than a box of boosters for your favorite collectible card game.
New Downloads
We have three new counter sheets just in time for this release. They are in a new 4x6 format, suitable for printing at any photolab or photo terminal. Get glossies, and you won't even have to laminate them. You can download them from the Downloads page.
As always, Unit Record Sheets are also available on the Downloads page. You can sort-of play them without buying the book. Of course, if you buy the book, you'll have all the rules and scenarios, we'll make money, and we'll use that money to publish more books. So buy our books!

The Marines

Praetor (L2)

Lissen up, maggots. I'm not gonna raise my voice, so lissen real good. The last guy you fragged was weak. I'm going to show all of youse what weak isn't, and that's me. You'll obey, see, or I'll frag you mesself. Get outta here.

Enforcer (L1)

Didn't you hear the Praetor? Hop to it! He put me in charge when he's away, you know. Yes, you'd better close your mouth, boy, or word will get to him about your lack of loyalty. Loyalty, you hear? Get going, and I don't want to hear about your problems!


I never got hugged by Mom. I was always picked last for Roman Ball. I always got beat up in school. I never ever got to go on the good mail routes. Well, I'll show them. I'll show them all. Express delivery, right into your ribcage. How do you like that? And they pay me to do this!

The Kid

Wow, yeah! I love the Corps! Every time I get to put on my uniform and carry this nifty rifle, I just know it's going to be a golden day. Golden is when I'm happy. I'm here to help the team, cover for the boss (I looove the boss!), and get the job done. I trust my squad mates and my leaders to get me home safe. I love this job. I love everyone! Group Hug!

Light Plasma Gunner

Whoosh. Heh-heh. Whoosh! Hee-hee. Whoosh! Whoosh! Ah-hahhaaaa! Watch them burn. All the little kitties burning. I like the light. Burning, burning. Burning the houses where the people live. Can I have the matches back now? Burning.

Light Support

Yep, got caught by the draft. I'm almost too old to be in it, you know, got suckered in thinking it was a job interview for some telecom job. Next thing I know, I'm on a shuttle to the Moon and Basic. All I can say is I'll fire my rounds, lay down a little cover fire, but I'm not sticking my neck out. You get me?

Heavy Support

They never proved it was me that blew up that parked aircar. But they conscripted me anyway. Big like bull, they call me, so they gave me this giant machine gun to lug around. I mean, there's worse jobs, right, but let me tell you, just between us: if the Boss asks a little too much, you know what I mean, he just might have a little accident. If you know what I mean.


I had a good job, killing bugs in people's basements. Now I have a better job. Killing people in people's basements. This gun is a dream, I wish I had had one in my old job. It kills everything, and will strip about an inch off a foam-crete wall besides. The boys and me have a little bet going, to see who will keep the mask on the longest. Trust me, I won't crack first. This thing is not coming off any time soon. Pass me another protein drink, willya?


The Vehicles


With a whine of its turbine engine, the NRAAV (New Roman Armored Assault Vehicle) screams onto the battlefield. Designed to be air-droppable, the NRAAV can carry its crew, as well as 8 Reaction Marines or 5 Power Suit Legionnaires and support them in-country for a month. It boasts a Heavy Blaster Cannon, Co-Ax Minigun, Heavy Plasma Gun and Triple Grenade Launcher, and its heavy armor can repel all but the most powerful attacks. Its powered Assault Ramps can disgorge trained troops in seconds.


When the Mecks rebelled against their Human masters, the heavy Industrial models became the heavy weapon carriers. The Deathball boasts four legs for excellent all-terrain mobility and is armed with a Heavy Blaster Cannon and twin Heavy Rocket Pods.

Mini Tank

In the early days of the First Meck War, reports started filtering back to the civilized domes of Mars of a Meck, mounted on a tracked chassis, ambushing lone Mars prospectors in the wilds with its powerful Twin Heavy Blaster. Since those early days, the Meck Mini Tank has been seen in other places, operating alone or as a support Meck in heavy assault squads. Even now after the war, Mini Tanks sometimes appear and go on a rampage in backward areas on moons and planets of the Solar System.



New Equipment

The Reaction Marines bring some new toys to the arena…for example:

RAPAC (Reactive Advanced Protective Armor Class)
This armor is one category lighter than standard Powered Armor, but tends to fall apart faster. If the bad guys start tagging your armor, best get out of that place.

Barion Rifle This weapon shoots out a cloud of microscopic nanites, robotic creatures that are programmed to eat away at everything they touch. Useful for eating up Gladiators with energy Shields, or just blocking line of sight.

Spigot Mortar Borrowing a page from ancient anti-tank designs, this weapon is essentially a low-velocity rocket launcher. A big rocket. It's not accurate, so just hope it won't scatter into your zone.

Pain Emitter Remote The Praetor has a handy device used to keep the troops in line. With a push of the button, he can jolt his troops into extra actions.

Tactical Suite This head-mounted device allows the Marine to keep the whole squad in close contact. Command Points may be passed through this Marine as if all involved were at zero range.

Old Stuff The Reaction Marines are also equipped with a slate of moldy oldies: a Light Machinegun, Assault Rifles, a cartridge-firing Sniper Rifle and dumb grenades, to name just a few.

New Skills

The Reaction Marines have many new skills and abilities… for example:

Coordinated Attack All Reaction Marines are dependent on their leaders for command. Their leaders can use the Coordinated Attack ability to allow them to command more than just a couple of Marines.

Hit the Ramp The Marines have perfected their deployment, so that at the beginning of a match, or when deploying from a vehicle, they get a free move action immediately, before anyone else gets to move.

Fragger Some Marines don't like the boss too much. Others like the boss even les… whenever shooting into a Zone where their leaders might get hit accidentally, they gain Battle Honors if a leader is eliminated from play.

Stab, Twist, Shoot A Marine may make an immediate Autohit attack with the Assault Rifle after a successful melee attack.

Loved By Crowd The crowd loves the Kid. The Gladiator eliminating this Marine will receive a penalty to the Battle Honors gained.

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