NEW! 3:1 Ships for Silent Death!

ICE has made available several of their classic Silent Death miniatures in a Triple Scale format. They are large models ranging from 4 to 7 inches in length, and can be used for 3:1 games (like the ones we run at game conventions), or just for display. The detail on the models is awesome. These are resin models and thus some modeling experience is needed. You can buy these models direct from ICE for $15.00 plus shipping. Click on the thumbnails below to see what they look like all painted up (The Revenge and star Raven are still works in progress...). The Shryak and Sorenson are now officially part of our 3:1 Red Shirt Smash, which we run at all cons. See our Calendar of Events page for the next con near you.


The ottawa Red Shirts got their start running Silent Death at conventions. Under the tutelage of our then-partner, Scott MacGregor, we became Silent Death Crazy. It's not our game, but a lot of us went into it! We went from Ottawa Red Shirts to Red Shirt Games because we started selling counters for the game, and needed a company name.

Silent Death is by far the most fun you'll have flying space fighters in dogfights against one another. Trust us here, okay? We're crazy, so you can trust our judgement! Take a look at the 1000 ship game we ran at Glen's place a few years ago.

ICE owns and publishes Silent Death. Visit their site to see what you can buy online - you can get everything they publish in one place. See below for the Silent Death stuff we sell - and give away!

This game uses the elegant Combat Express dice system, where each weapon has two dice, plus the die of the user. All the dice are rolled together to determine to hit and damage.

For example: a Pulse Laser rolls 2d8 + the gunner die, let's say a d6. The weapon does Low damage. Roll 2d8+1d6, try to exceed the target's Defensive Value, and use the lowest die as the damage value. To hit and damage, all in one die roll.

Check out Craig Marek's excellent  Shipbuilder software, which allows you to create your own Silent Death ships, complete with printed sheets and everything! Check out our ship sheet downloads, where you'll see stuff straight from the feverish minds of some of the craziest SD players in the world - the Ottawa Red Shirts.

Also, check out the stuff we have for sale for SD - counters, base metals, etc. Browse, Download, Shop. It's all here for you!

Craig Marek, the creator of the well-known Ship Builder software, which allows you to create your own silly ship designs for Silent Death, has given us permission to keep a copy here for people to download. The software is “as is”, and can no longer be supported by Craig.

Download Ship Builder 3

The file is roughly 2.5MB, Zipped with WinZip.

We Sell Silent Death Counters and Accessories

Red Shirt Games has a line of accessories that will help even the most recreational of Silent Death players to make their game easier to play. Go to the Store to purchase Silent Death items.

We have created, for your personal use, counter sets to be used with the Silent Death game. They could be modified for use with other games, but are best used with SD.

Freebies: Look below! Of course, copyright laws prevent us from posting ship sheets published by ICE, but we have lots of our own creations and variants for you to sink your teeth into!

Silent Death Downloads

Click on the link to get a gander at our free ship sheets for you to play with!

If you're starving for new ship designs, fear not! We have some good free ones on our website here, and we hope ICE will license us to publish more in the future.

We loved the Dry Dock book, which introduced variants of all the basic ship types, and hope to collaborate with ICE to produce more ship books.

Everyone knows a favorite "terrible" ship, which often has a nice model but terrible stats. Other ships are just crying for some mods, and some Houses have some very cool technology that would make certain ships amazingly good... Imagine:

  • A House ASP Night Hawk with Biolink.
  • A Kashmere upgrade on the Surya, with Twin Impulse Guns.
  • A Sentry with long range standoff guns.
  • A Constellation Warhound with Repeating Blasters.
  • A Crescent with rear-firing torps and impulse gun turrets.


Drop us a line if you have some ideas for ships - try the idea out with Ship Builder, playtest it, and let us know about it! Every House and every class of ship needs to be represented in a future Drydock book.

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