2004 was a big year for Red Shirt Games. It was the second year we had booths at Origins and Gen Con, and it was the first time we partnered with another company to sell goods at both cons. We did rather well atboth cons, running more games than ever and making more sales than ever.

Running so many games was not without difficulty. As with all things, the more you do, the more complicated things get. More people meant more personalities, more rides to give, more potential difficulties.

It also meant more fun and more potential customers served, and a higher headcount for the people running the cons.

Below are some of the photos we took at both cons, including tournament photos and only a few booth babe photos - can it be? I guess I'm getting older every year.

Calye. Working the Flying Buffalo booth at both cons. Little did I know Flying Buffalo would be right next to us at Origins.

A girl at the Xcrawl booth. She had such creamy skin... and they beckoned me over.

Calye again. See you next summer!

What it looked like at Gen Con. We had almost all you can see here - about 4 5 x 10 tables, and one 16 x 16 table.

The far picture is from Origins. Hey, Origins! We liked our space, but Gen Con had a nicer minis hall - can you say carpets and soundproofing?


General Glen's Combat Rules For Toy Soldiers, Second Edition. If you don't have the rule book yet... What Are You Waiting For? Buy it at our store.

Scenes from my Silence The Gun scenario, set on the morning of D-Day. British paras crash their glider miles away from Caen, their target, so decide to take out a gun firing on Canadians landing at Beny-Sur-Mer, a.k.a. Juno Beach.

More Gen Glen.

These four shots were taken at the Canadian War Museum in March of 2004. The Silence the Guns scenario was being tested, and I took the opportunity to throw in lots of armor on the second running, just to give our new rules for armor a field test.


A couple of shots from a Christmas playtest of my next Gen Glen scenario - Stalin-Grind. 4 tanks on each side, sprinkle in some foot soldiers, and you've got a cold November day in the Krasny Oktyabr Tractor Factory!

Tourney Contestants from Origins and Gen Con 2004.

Don Ash.

Scott Spalding.

Amberly Rogers.

Ken Moore.

Kyle Mathis.

Ben Ash.

The Injurius Games Tournament Trophy.

Michel Smith presenting the trophy to Alan Rogers.

The Injurius Games Tournament, featuring the Ultra-Crappy Green Terrain.

The tournament at Gen Con. If you are the winner, please contact us! We have lost your name.

Don Ash playing Kwyk (Alan Rogers in the background).

Injurius Games.

Some shots of playtests of Spiders, and some games from Origins.

Terrain by Armorcast, slightly customized.

Terrain by Armorcast, slightly customized.


"Keep What You Kill". A new format to teach the game to new players. Set up across from your opponent. On your team, nine other players, each controlling 5 Gladiators. The goal: bring death to your enemies, and collect them as trophies. We had no problem getting lots of players to sign up for this one!

Some close-up shots of our KWYK game, featuring some Armorcast terrain with some homestyle additions. The hovertank cost $2.00 at a Buck Or Two store locally. I went back the next day to buy more, and someone else had bought them all. And they have never carred it since.

Armorcast terrain, heavily customized.

The $2.00 armored vehicle, with turning turret and 3 working hatches.

Heavily customized Armorcast terrain.

Red Shirt Games Personnel. Somehow, I missed some. Oh well, next year!

Derek Flowers laying down the smack on a slow player (I think it was me!) in the KWYK game.

Setting up the booth.

Arr! Rob W. wants to be a pirate.

Glen Simpson after a long night of snoring roommates.

Glen, looking about 20 years younger the day before.

Ahhh... west and welaxation.

Jake Jakuboswki, the man in the middle.

Chris Skuce.

It's me! Richard Dufault! Doesn't anyone else have a digital camera?

The other Dave lurking in our 3:1 scale Injurius Games table. Somehow, the Regular Dave is not in any photos.


Silent Death pics from Origins and Gen Con.