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The NRAAV - these big vehicles are so easy to paint. Just spray paint them with a base color (like tan or desert yellow in this case), then drybrush with a similar color mixed with white. Paint the tracks and weapons black and drybrush with gray, and you're done. We sell them on our store page. They are as big as they look - and there's room inside to store a couple of squads of minis. Full rules will be published in the Heroes of Battle ruleset.

Mecks versus Humans. We set up the scenario thinking the NRAAVS would be over-powerful, with their strong main armament and not-shabby secondary weapons. Turns out the Mecks, armed with Microwavers, had no trouble popping all three of the NRAAVS, while taking few losses. Oh well, that's why we call it playtesting.

The deadly Meck Minitank (an Armorcast vehicle). with a high DT, energy shields and APAC, the humans were never able to take one out of the fight. Its main gun, while not as powerful as the NRAAVs', scored some serous damage against those armored vehicles.

NRAAV with the back ramp lowered. Each NRAAV comes with one "door-gun", in this case a triple rocket launcher, manned by some (ahem) Games workshop troops. We'll see if we can't find our own pewter minis to use as crew for the NRAAVS.

Glen's NRAAV bravely moves forward, straddling a deep trench in which several Legionnaires are hiding. Note the recycled terrain from our con booth two years ago.

Sky-eye view of my NRAAV at bottom left, and Glen's at top right, waiting for the Mecks to get closer.

So we've been playing Injurius Games for 5 years now, and I have never seen anyone killed by Dervish Grenades. These random weapons tend to be more of a nuisance weapon than anything. So we were all shocked when Ross (who invented the things, incidentally) hit my Grunt two turns in a row with Mini-Dervishes, and brought him from full health to -14 in no time at all. The photo shows what happens to someone who gets cut up by a Dervish.

Meanwhile, Glen's NRAAV has been destroyed by a lucky crit (vehicles take damage like Mecks do, with damage thresholds and a crit chart). note the Games Workshop crew (hoping to get our own soon) and the D&D Miniatures Fire Elementals to represent fire and Burning Skeletons to represent, er, burning skeletons. You can almost hear the screams of the crew. We're sick.

RATZ. After the Meck victory in the scenario, we played a 6-way game on a large map with a variety of standard races. I got to play the RATZ - my favorite.

RATZ versus Mecks. My RATZ had Mecks on the right and on the left, so I decided to go all one way - left. My RATZ pretty much did their jobs, taking on Chris' Mecks at close range. My RATZ fell like flies under the Meck's ovewhelming fire, but they gave as good as they got.

At the end of the match, my RATZ had more Battle Honors than the Mecks, despite being unable to take out the Jumper, whose high defenses were difficult to overcome.


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