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The RATZ are a genetically-engineered slave race that earned its freedom in the months directly preceding the rise of Injurius I to the throne of the Empire. Those months were enough for the little guys to spread to nearby systems, and become unkillable - as a race.

Injurius might still have gone to the trouble of wiping them out, for surely there are no more troublesome creatures in the universe than RATZ - but his scientists have told the Emperor that these creatures, though their lives are often shortened by brutality, are effectively immortal. Barring accident, starvation or plague, these creatures don't age once they reach adulthood.

The Emperor decided to use the RATZ as test subjects for his experiments - after all, an immortal Emperor would be a great asset to the Empire. Allowing the creatures to fight in the arena is simply a bonus: any RATZ that are felled in the arena go into the Special Program, and work goes on.

In the meantime, they are in the Arena, holding their own against the Humans, Mecks, Orx and Spiders.

Get the Unit Record Sheet and Quick Reference Sheet directly from our downloads page.

RATZ have eight squad members. Two are something of leaders, but no leaders get any special activation rules: the RATZ just get two littermates activating whenever one of their cards are pulled.

These guys are disorganized and weak, but they are ferocious, quick and, er, lovable.

The minis are again, a first for Red Shirt Games. They were made for another game line called Shock Force. You can check out all that is to offer on the Shockforce Warehouse website. We took a look at the dozens of RATZ minis there and chose eight to represent their race in the arenas of the New Roman Empire.

The book contains 40 pages of RATZ background, rules, WEPZ, SKILZ and SOOTZ, Unit Record Sheets and Quick Reference.

RATZ will run away with your heart. Well, only if they can kill you. Otherwise, they may run away with your spare tire, or Minigun, or even your spouse. RATZ are scum, and you'll love to play them.

The book will be published and ready for you to purchase by mid-June 2005. See it at Origins first!



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