Red Shirt Games had a great year in 2005. We introduced the RATZ book and miniatures, ran a record number of players through our games at three big cons, and brought out the first Red Shirt Games vehicle (the NRAAV!) to add to the mayhem in your Injurius Games sessions. Following is a pictorial trip through the various events we attended in 2005. Click on the picture to enlarge it!

Cangames 2005

2005... already May, and the first Con is behind us. Cangames, our local game con here in Ottawa, came and went with the usual fanfare. This year, we decided to run games only on Friday and play the rest of the week-end.

StalinGrind. WW2, late war, Tanks on Tanks in town. First run of this scenario for convention-goers. Good news! Everyone had fun, even when their tank crews got roasted by fire crits. Yay Fire crits

In this photo, a Soviet T-34 and BT-7 advance across the tracks at the Red October Tractor Factory. Death to Nazis!

RATZ. Our newest supplement, played for the first time at a con.

Good news! The players liked them. Bad news! Michel played one of the RATZ teams and wiped out Stu AKA Stu, one of our gaming groupies. Stu, please forgive us.

RATZ. The White Albinoz getting ready to run away with our hearts. Or murder some newbies' grandmothers. Something like that.

So lovable!

Us. We each won one of Frank "One of Freedom's" D&D miniatures tourneys. We're awesome.

Michel (Fast Eddie) on the left (Sealed), Richard (Harman) in the middle (Extreme), and Glen (Gen Glen) on the right (Constructed).


Origins 2005

The second Con of 2005 came and went in the flash of an eye. Had a great time, met some great people, had some laughs. Our booth did well, although we would have liked to have carried Silent Death and Rolemaster like we did last year... but we got RAFM to sell this year and that went well. RAFM makes awesome fantasy, Cthulhu and WW2 and modern pewter miniatures.

The miniatures hall at Origins. A huge space full of sweaty gamers for 4 days. What could be better than that? Note to sweaty gamers: Showering is not just for people with girlfriends! You know who you are.

A must for the discerning competitive gamer. This guy evidently had one handy. You can rest easy, knowing you can open up one of those, and serve it piping hot to your opponent.

You just never know when you'll have the opportunity to make a kid cry in a game.

Miscreants and Ne'er-do-wells playing Redneck Life. Awesome game. Note Chris's legs in the frame.

Silent Death 3:1 Smash. Always well attended, and everyone always has fun.

Grab a ship, enter the map, score some kills, exit the map. Grab a bigger ship, enter the map, score some kills, exit the map. Grab an even bigger ship, enter the map, score some kills, exit the map. You win! It's not rocket science.

The sign of the Devil? Nope, just a really good Pulse Laser shot in Silent Death.

In this case, triple Sixes means the damage is 18. And the target ship only had ten hit boxes. Buh-Bye! In space, no one can hear you whine.

RATZ. As in Cangames, the RATZ were well received. An eight-pack of cuddly, furry, jury-rigged thieves and murderers. They even did well in our tournament!

The Klaw at left and the Grenadier at right were painted by Don Ash, one of our Reg'lar players and GM.

Ambery Rogers' bubblegum pink Mecks. She and her dad are regulars at the Red Shirt Games area at Origins.

She made the serious mistake of challenging me (ME!) to sit across from her in a Keep What You Kill scenario... so I had to oblige. I was forced to open up a whole big can of that Whoop Ass you saw earlier. Sorry, Amberly. Maybe you can take a crack at the title... next year.

Pics from our latest game idea - Corporate Takeover!

It's an Injurius Games scenario that allows players to mix 'n match critters from any release in the IG universe, and throw them into the arena. The scenario sprang, fully formed, from Rob Wielgoszynski's feverish mind.

Keep What You Kill (KWYK). A new format introduced to throw folks directly into the heat of battle. You earn a free miniature every time you eliminate an opponent. Very popular way to get into Injurius Games, because the rules are streamlined to make things easy.
The NRAAV. Stands for New Roman Armored Assault Vehicle. We sell them cheap in the store. They are big enough to store a couple of squads of minis inside, and can be used to transport one full squad into battle. Their stats make them formidable against standard IG gladiators, but they can fall to squads that have the right upgrades.

IG Tournament. The trophy was made by Michel Smith, using a 3:1 IG big-ature, sold in our store...

General Glen's Combat Rules for Toy Soldiers - StalinGrind.

German Steel against Soviet Industry. Desperate armies vying for control of a ruined city. Tank on Tank action in the rubble of the Red October Tractor Factory.


The train was a New Bright G Scale christmas train, done in grey to pass as a Soviet train. The buildings were mostly made from art board or styrofoam, and the tanks and soldiers were model kits in 1:35 scale.


The battle pitted 2 T34/76, 1 T34/85 and a scout tank against 2 Panzer IVDs, a Panzer IVH and a StuGIV. Assorted foot troops made up the rest of the forces.


Each side had a skilled sniper, and as the photos show, the Soviet sniper often ended up the victor, just like in that movie.


It was an 8 player game, and this slot was filled or nearly, in every running. See us next year when we run some fun Ardennes Forest stuff - American paratroops against Panzers in the forests of Belgium.


An advanced playtest of rules we will be releasing with partners Armorcast, using modified Injurius Games rules. The system focuses on the big "Steamers", robots that perform according to instructions given to them before the action begins.

Cool costumes.

These guys were walking around, eliciting Oohs and Aahs from all and sundry.

Gen Con 2005

The biggest con of the summer. This year, we shared a booth with Flying Buffalo, and had the pleasure of rubbing elbows with none other than Calye Calhoun, aka Chainmail Girl. Or Corset Girl, as we now call her. Or should I say Michel rubbed elbows with Calye while I, Calye's Number One Fan, was not allowed to work at the booth (apparently my skill at creating games makes me the natural enemy of sales). Also, apparently I can't function in the proximity of Calye. Sigh.

Without further ado, I give you... Gen Con.


Nice. Her chainmail bikini was extremely see-through, so it appeared to have been stuffed with cotton batting to protect the innocent.

Random babe.

This girl was into the whole posing thing.

Babe Stormtrooper.

You know, Star Wars was never this cute. With this sort of stormtrooper running around, who would want to join the Rebellion?

Danger Tape Babe, and... friend.

The girl on the left was dressed in a G-string, plastic wrap and danger tape. The girl on the right was wearing a chainmail bikini top, but didn't want people to look at her. Go figure.

Corset Girl.

Calye, showing off a Can of Canadian Coke. Did you know Canadian coke has more alcohol than the typical American beer? Well, not really, but I think even cough syrup has more alcohol than American beer.

Angel Babe.

This girl apparently made her own costume, slaying dozens of endangered hawks to do it. It's true. Ok, the part about the hawks is not true.

James Forest.

The man responsible for the Miniatures Hall, and who has the power to make even the Greed Workshiop people beg for table space.

We Luv You James!

Keep What You Kill

The KWYK is our most popular game, in which players get to keep the enemy figures they kill in battle. How many have you killed? Drop us a line with your boast, and we'll post your name.

The Booth

Red Shirt Games shared a booth with Flying Buffalo this year. We premiered The Octagon at this con, an eight-sided carousel on which we displayed all of our goods.

As mentioned previously, Calye was also working the booth, which means I was not allowed within 30 feet of it, except to take these pictures.

If you have a product you think will sell at the cons, but are afraid to get a booth because they are just so darned expensive, drop us a line! We can carry your products at our booth!

Experience has shown that a one-product booth, like so many you see at the cons, is not a successful proposition, unless all you want to do is read a book while people walk by. Let us carry your product!

Silent Death Scenarios

Jimbo Death ran a full schedule of Silent Death scenarios - that game just won't call it quits, and neither will I. We'll be running a full slate of Silent Death games next year too... and we still sell counters for the game at our Store.

Silent Death 3:1 Smash

We are the only company still running triple scale Silent Death games at the big cons. Grab a ship, roll a starting point, and get into the dogfight! Our longest running event.

Super Friends.

Yup, just some average super heroes waiting to be registered for the costume contest.


An advanced playtest of rules we will be releasing with partners Armorcast, using modified Injurius Games rules. The system focuses on the big "Steamers", robots that perform according to instructions given to them before the action begins.

IG Tournament.

The trophy was made by Michel Smith, using a 3:1 IG big-ature, sold in our store...

The Red Shirts.

A gang of Red Shirts, playing our bi-annual game of Zombies.

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